Parkrite School of Motoring - Driving Lessons

Special Offer, First 6 Lessons for only £130.00 with a free theory training cd-rom to help you on your way

Whether you are just starting to learn to drive, or part trained or even a recently newly qualified driver we will have a driving course to suit your needs. All our courses come with free theory and hazard perception tuition. Our six lessons for £130 deal is by far the cheapest deal to start your lessons.

Standard Driving Lessons

Driving lessons for pupils that have never driven before, or have been out with friends for some private practice. Standard lessons are generally one to two hours in duration.

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Intensive Driving Courses

The intensive pass course is identical to the standard lesson course except the lessons are spread over three to six weeks depending on test dates. This is the most popular intensive course. This course is designed for people who want to pass quickly and at a comfortable pace.

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Refresher Driving Lessons

This course is for pupils almost at test standard, or pupils who have passed their driving test but may not have driven for some time. This course is also ideal for drivers who have lost their driving licence and have to re-sit the test or extended driving test.

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Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway driving lessons are very popular with new drivers. For new drivers the thought of going down a slip road and joining traffic doing 70 miles per hour is pretty daunting. The speed is much faster and other drivers have little patience for inexperienced drivers. We will help you to deal with motorways pretty quickly.

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Pass Plus Courses

For newly qualified drivers wishing to gain further experience. At the end of the course you will be sent a certificate which will entitle you to a 30% insurance discount from participating insurance companies.

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