Parkrite School of Motoring - Driving Test

Special Offer, First 6 Lessons for only £130.00 with a free theory training cd-rom to help you on your way

If you're thinking of learning to drive, there are a few things you'll need to know before starting your driving lessons.

First of all you'll need to obtain your provisional driving licence. This can be done online via the website by clicking here

Once you have got your provisional licence you can get started taking your lessons. Your driving instructor can help you with any training required for passing your Theory and driving Tests. With our introductory offer of six driving lessons for £130 you will be on your way to passing your driving test.

Theory Test.

The theory test is made up of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both parts to pass the theory test. You will have to pass both parts of the test at once or you will fail the whole test.

Watch a video about the theory test.

Learn more about the Theory Test by clicking here

Hazard Perception test.

The Hazard Perception Test consists of fourteen one-minute video clips filmed from the perspective of a car driver. The candidate has to confirm, usually by clicking the mouse, when they observe a developing hazard. The pass mark is 44 out of 75.

Learn more about the Hazard Perception by clicking here

Show Me, Tell Me driving test questions.

At the start of your driving test the driving examiner will ask you two questions on basic car maintenance and safety. If you get one or both questions wrong you will get a minor driving fault.

Learn more about the Show Me, Tell Me by clicking here

Practical Driving Test

The driving test will last about forty minutes. During your test the examiner will ask you to drive in various road and traffic conditions. You will also be asked to carry out one reverse exercise. Watch a video about your driving test.

Learn more about the Practical Driving Test by clicking here